Director/Producer: Darryl Miller Bio

Darryl Miller has worked as an audio post engineer and location sound recordist for the past 20 years. While working as an audio engineer in Regina Saskatchewan at Protrax, Twisted Pair and Talking Dog, he was involved in a number of feature films, Incredible Story Studio episodes, Mentors episodes and other made for television programs. Darryl has worked with his wife Elaine Pain on her last 6 films in a variety of key capacities including videographer, editor and audio post + location audio.Darryl is also a music composer whose original scores have appeared in a number of productions. Darryl received a grant from Common Weal Community Arts in Regina to produce a 47 minute audio CD called " I Remember ". The work documents oral history, traditions and community issues in rural Saskatchewan. You can download the I Remember CD MP3s at http://www.box.net/shared/m2hxbohs0g
In recent years, Darryl has received artist grants from The Canada Council of the Arts, The Saskatchewan Arts Board and SaskFilm for his work on the feature experimental documentary "Dark One".Nine years in the
making, "Dark One" is Darryl’s first independent feature film.
Filmography - Selected Works
2007 - Dark One - 88 min experimental documentary
2003 - I Remember - 18 min promotional video- Documents a special screening of Prairie Echo Clips. A community tea,which brings together the people from “I Remember”, with The Board of The Cupar and District Heritage Museum -Director-Darryl Miller
2003 - Prairie Echo Clips -30min historical/promotional video- Eight individuals from the Cupar area share stories of early life and growing up on the prairies.Director : Darryl Miller. A 45 minute audio CD was produced, with assistance from Common Weal Community Arts. The clips are some of the stories before editing.
2002 - Communities In Bloom-CuparPromotionalVideo –13min-A tangible demonstration by the citizens for cultivating public areas, parks, trees and personal gardens.Director : Darryl Miller
2002-Memories Of Cupar with Brock Turner-18min-Personal thoughts and memories of 100 years of a small Saskatchewan town.Director:Darryl Miller
2001-Cupar Canucks/Cubs Reunion-1hr-Hockey as a small town institution and contributions of local hockey legend Eddie Shore Director : Darryl Miller
1996 - Thin Ice - 14 min.(shared videography credit) Elaine Pain
1993 - Neurasthenia - experimental nature
1993 - Shapes - animation
1992 - All We Say to America - experimental narrative
1992 - Water Colour - experimental nature
1992 - Truth - experimental AND NOW-Truth Redux 2008
1992 - Confine Your Art - experimental
1992 - Propaganda - experimental
1992 - Time Moves On - narrative ( co-director) sound/editor
1991 - Serenity - Director Elaine Pain - Music + Sound -Darryl Miller
1991 -
The Spotted Dog of Truth
- animation
1991 - Voices - experimental
1991 - Is this Progress? - experimental
1990 - The Dragon - animation
1990 - A Different World - experimental narrative
1989 - Circles - music video
1989 - Home of the Free - music video
1989 - Mechanical Reality - music video
1989 - Rays - music video
Nominations :
2007 - Dark One :Nominated Best Canadian Feature Documentary
The Saskatchewan Film and Video Showcase Nominations:
2003-Memories of Cupar :Nominated:Best Educational,Best Host Presenter
1996 - Thin Ice : director: Elaine Pain. Award for Best Experimental.
Nominated: Best Direction,Best Videography, Best Overall Sound
1995 - The Trickster : director: Gordon McLennan. Best Music.
1992-Truth : director: Darryl Miller. Best Experimental in student category.
1991 - Voices : director: Darryl Miller. Best Student Film.
Awards :
1996 - The Saskatchewan Film and Video Festival:The Willing Voyeur: director: Richard Kerr.Best Overall Sound by Protrax Digital Inc.
1993 - Images '93 : V is for Video-Truth-director-DarrylMiller.People's Choice Award.
1993 - 7th Annual National Student Film and Video Showcase-Shapes-director-Darryl Miller-Jean Oser Award of Merit for Best Overall Sound.

About Me :
Darryl lives in Cupar, SK, a town of less than 600 people located 75 kilometres northeast of Regina. It is most famous for the Cupar Gopher Drop, a unique lottery held every summer. Stuffed toy gophers (Richardson's Ground Squirrels) labelled with numbers are dropped from a hot-air balloon along with numbered gopher holes. The "owner" of the gopher that lands nearest Hole 1 wins first prize, and so on.


Patty said...

I watched the trailer with the bird and bunny. Too funny. Loved it. Congrats on everything you have accomplished. Keep up the artistic imagination. Patty K

icecubefactory said...

Thanx Patty...hope you are feeling better :)

anarky said...

i really enjoy your blogg.....
keep up the spirit of being free and of being someone who can see what others choose to ignore....

icecubefactory said...

Thank-you so much anarky. I like your blog as well. Good work. I wish everyone would just take their blinders off for a moment and look around...It's funny what we choose to ignore.

Anonymous said...

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icecubefactory said...

More information will be coming in the guise of Indoctrination,,, 3 CDs and a feature movie that studies some of these things in mote detail .... but in an abstract way....
Thanks and glad you liked it